Over the years, our team and expertise have grown and evolved into design, manufacturing, installation and project management for a range of sectors.

From medical fitouts, retail fitouts, office fitouts and custom joinery – we can do it all.


What is Farrago? 
Let’s go back to the beginning.  

It all started one night 14 years ago, when friends Brendan and Darren, along with their wives, were discussing the possibility of being their own bosses over dinner. As Brendan and Darren are both qualified tradesman in carpentry and joinery, were both working in project management, and had a combined experience of 38 years at the time, it was decided they would start a cabinet making and shop fitting business together. This decision then lead to a question of “but what do we call it?”. Puzzled on a name, the boys began brain storming ideas together while their wives began searching the dictionary for inspiration. After hours had passed, they came across the word ‘Farrago’, which they thought perfectly suited the collaboration of Brendan and Darren. 

noun: A confused mixture

So what originally started off as a joke between the four of them, quickly evolved into Farrago Interiors, which specialised in shop fitting and office fit-outs. Over the last 14 years, Farrago Interiors has grown and evolved into a one stop shop for design, manufacture, installation, and project management of both fit-out and construction works. Due to this expansion of services, the decision was made to drop ‘Interiors’ and simply go by the overarching brand of ‘FARRAGO’.

Don’t let the name fool you though, because at Farrago we pride ourselves on being ‘the perfect mixture’ of designers, project managers, administrators, cabinet makers, carpenter and shop fitters. We deliver high quality, expertly designed projects on time and on budget.  

We can provide you with the whole package: Design – Construct – Fit-out 

Don’t feel like a farrago for your next fit out, let our team help!


Farrago is at the forefront of our industry due to the commitment to health, safety and environment. We also understand that our clients expect nothing but the best products and services, which is why we’ve set high standards for ourselves. 

These standards are to ensure we are consistently producing materials, products, processes and services that meet world-class standards. They also ensure we not only have the systems in place to effectively manage our health, safety and environmental obligations but to set new standards in the industry. 



Farrago has a flexible approach to shop fitting and your needs which allows us to adapt and provide the result your project requires. This flexibility allows us to provide the total package – consultation, design, manufacture and installation – or any of these services can be individually selected to suit your requirements.

Our client base extends from independent retailers to national retail chains. Our “Service Excellence” is offered to all our clients no matter how big or small – we were small once too!

we aim to deliver outstanding results

By adopting a professional, flexible and thorough approach to our projects, we ensure that our clients expectations are not only met, but exceeded.