Design and Construct or Design & Tender – What’s the best process for you?

The common process for projects is called “Design and Tender Process.” This is where the client or developer outsource their own designer or architect to create the designs for the project. Once the designs are complete, the client then sends the designs to different trades and builders for pricing. They can compare pricing, negotiate with multiple builders and find the best price.

The other alternative is called “Design and Construct.” This is where the client or developer chooses one builder and works with them from start to finish. From design, development and building approval through to construction and handover stages.

So how do you know which option is best for you?

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages to hopefully make your decision a little bit easier.

Design & Tender

Advantage 01.

As the client/developer, you have full control of the design process. The copyrighted designs are normally included in your quoted price, so you have a copy of the finished designs for your own purposes.

Advantage 02.

You can receive a competitive price as you have the option to contact multiple builders and negotiate the best price, inclusions and time frame with them.

Disadvantage 01.

If there are design flaws, variations in the designs would be required. This could potentially cost you a lot of money and could cause delays.

Disadvantage 02.

The process of evaluating each tender, inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions can be a quite confusing and tedious task. This can be very scary if you’re not confident doing this.

Disadvantage 03.

Some builders could come in low with their quote, but add lots of variations onto the project at the end, leaving you with a project over budget.

Design & Construct

Advantage 01.

The designer and builder/project manager communicate throughout the design process, they can determine the overall project cost in the design process and suggest any cost-effective strategies prior to the build.

Our design team will determine your budget at the start of the design process, so they can choose finishes within your budget. Our Project Managers and Directors work closely with the design team to ensure all aspects are covered. The average turn around-time for concept plans is within a week, for your approval to proceed.   

Advantage 02.

The close collaboration between the design team and project manager means all challenges are identified early and factored into the design process. This allows work on site to streamline and minimises any delays in the construction project.

This means our team can offer one quote with a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions. As everything has been thought before construction starts, there should be no surprise variations at the end.

In the instance a variation is required, a variation document will be sent for approval. No extra work will commence until the signed authorisation is returned. Our design team can also look at making any alterations to designs, or to materials if necessary.

Advantage 03.

All structural and certification issues will also be picked up early, this ensures the project stays on budget.

Disadvantage 01.

The design is copyrighted to the builder and can only be used with their written permission.

During the final stages of the design process, our team can start organising certification, engineers, hydraulic certification and any other time-consuming pre-start requirements so we can start the project quickly!

Farrago commonly win projects through the design and tender process; however, we also have the resources, flexibility and expertise to deliver design and construct projects on time and within budget. As all our services are located at the same place, we can ensure continuity throughout the entire project. We are held accountable for the project such as costs, time frame and overall quality of the build.

Working with you from start to finish ensures there’s no surprises throughout the entire process. You’re never left wondering what stage of the build the project is at, as we are constantly providing updates.

We have completed many design and construct projects including most Ghanda, Jeanswest and Shine Lawyers stores, just to name a few. Our design and construct projects range from $150k through to $2.5m. Our team can adapt to a project of any size to ensure it is completed on time, defect free and to the highest quality.

If you’re looking to design and build, contact us today!