Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

WOW, What a year! As we say goodbye to 2022, and welcome 2023 with open arms; We’d like to reflect on 2022 and the year it was. It was the year the world seemed to recover from the pandemic, as more businesses opened up, social distancing loosened, and international travel relaxed. Although, 2022 was as challenging to navigate as the past couple of years with the pandemic. We still struggled with staff shortages, sicknesses, and procurement of materials. We’d also seen a lot of our competitors in the Construction sector crash before our eyes due to price increases of materials, and running costs, with pre-existing contracts that wouldn’t cover the costs. In saying that, it was the busiest year for Farrago yet. The last 12 months our team grew significantly, and saw some incredible projects delivered, and several exciting projects won. None of this would have been possible without the support, determination, and expertise of everyone from our team. Thanks for joining us! We wish you a successful New Year and look forward to supporting you and your business in 2023!