The Design Process

We Love Design

Farrago has an in-house designer with over 23 years' experience in electrical, building, design and drafting. In that time, Damian has designed countless commercial and residential properties such as large homes, retail stores, hospitality stores and office spaces (including our own office!)

Often confused with an interior decorator, interior designers create interior spaces to accommodate for an individual’s or business’s needs. A designer uses analytical skills to plan interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. Whereas, an interior decorator doesn’t create an interior space; they decorate one. Decorators focus on cosmetically transforming a space by focusing on the aesthetics such as furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories.

Damian works through the nitty-gritty details, so you don’t have to. Such as, the floor layouts, lighting, signage, code compliancy and finishes. He uses modern technology and advanced computer programs such as CAD (computer aided design) which allows him to create virtual living and commercial areas before finalising them for construction. This allows you to get a life-like preview of his design, which helps bring your vision to life prior to the construction / fit out of your space.

If you’re thinking of building a house, renovating an existing home, relocating businesses, starting up a new business or refurbishing; We can work with you from start to finish in the design, construct and fitout stages.

To begin the design process, Damian will meet with you to understand your brand, any requests you’d like incorporated in the design and your budget. The design includes fittings, fixtures and furnishings in your scope of works, so a confirmation of budget allows Damian to use high end products or take a smarter cost-effect approach to use affordable good quality finishes. All you need to bring is a basic floor plan and measurements (but don’t forget your Pinterest inspo!)

Damian will normally have concept plans produced a week after the meeting, although this can differ depending on the scope of works. There can be some back and forth communication while Damian makes some tweaks here and there, to make sure you’re 100% happy with the design. In this approval process, we can also organise certification, engineers, hydraulic certification and any difficult time-consuming pre-start requirements.

If you’re just after a design, Damian can produce tender ready drawings for you to send to builders who can quote the required works. Or, he can pass your drawings onto one of our friendly Project Managers who can continue to do all the hard work for you. How easy is that?

Rendered Image of Frank & Lotti Prior to Fitout
Image of Frank & Lotti's Fitout