Reviving an Icon: The Big Pineapple’s Spectacular Comeback

At Farrago, we believe in bringing visions to life, and our latest project at one of Australia’s most beloved landmarks, The Big Pineapple, is a testament to this. Since its inception in 1971, The Big Pineapple has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike with its unique charm and rich history.

This year, under new ownership, The Big Pineapple underwent a transformative restoration designed to rejuvenate its iconic features while enhancing visitor experience. Engaged to execute Stage 1 of the redevelopment, our team at Farrago was tasked with a series of critical updates.

A Fresh Start with Stage 1

Our journey began with the renovation of the front pavilion and the complete rebuild of the café, ensuring that every visitor receives a warm welcome. The Big Pineapple itself received much-needed repairs, alongside the construction of a new expansive viewing deck that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Landscaping and mulching further elevated the site’s aesthetics, blending it seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

Grand Re-Opening and Future Plans

The fruits of our labour were showcased at the grand re-opening on June 11, attended by the Sunshine Coast mayor, marking a new chapter in the site’s storied history. The revival of the train rides, access to Wildlife HQ, and the re-opening of the main building and pineapple structure are just the beginning.

Looking ahead, the vision for The Big Pineapple includes potentially adding an RV park, hotels, glamping sites, and buildings dedicated to agritourism. With ideas for a craft brewery and a restaurant also in discussion, the possibilities for further enriching this iconic destination are boundless.

A Commitment to Heritage and Innovation

As noted by Matt Stoeckel, CEO of Visit Sunshine Coast, “The Big Pineapple not only boasts plenty of history, it’s an important landmark that helped put the Sunshine Coast on the map as a tourist destination in Australia.” At Farrago, we are proud to be part of this significant phase in its evolution.

There’s no shortage of innovations we can introduce, and we are excited about the future developments. Stay tuned as we continue to revive and enhance The Big Pineapple, ensuring it remains a cherished destination for generations to come.