Time Is Money – Fitting out Darling Mills Bakehouse


Standing out from other hospitality establishments is important, as customers usually judge restaurants and cafes on 3 main things: 
Customer service, quality of food and beverages and the design of the space. A professional interior fitout is essential as the industry becomes increasingly competitive. 

Now what if I told you, that you could go on a relaxing overseas holiday and come back to a completely renovated or newly fitout restaurant? Because that became a reality for the owner of the Darling Mills Bakehouse.

Before heading overseas, the owner worked closely with our Designer to create the design and layout of the store. This is the time where they discuss what type of atmosphere they’d like to create, whether this be relaxed, trendy, unique, eccentric or all of the above. It was decided that they wanted Darling Mills Bakehouse to be a welcoming ambience with some individual touches.  

The design included the use of warm tones and timber materials, pops of black structural features, and splashbacks; Decorated with real plants, feature lights and minimalistic furniture.

The Project Manager also organised all of the certification requirements, and other trades including electrical, mechanical, plumbing and signage. We were able to deliver all the services required while staying within budget. 

Once the owner departed on their overseas trip, we had completed the full fitout within one week. We worked overtime and over the weekends to ensure the time critical fitout was completed within schedule.

There is no doubt that the intentional modern design, clever fitout principles and thoughtful details suit the atmosphere and style the owner wanted to create. This modern, warm design and clean fitout makes this bakehouse stand out from the rest and is an atmosphere that customers will continue to love.